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Great work to all the teams for participating in the 2019 48-Hour Film Challenge. From initial meetings to final film showcase, you have shown once again why DC students are among the best out there!

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The event

The School of Media, Art and Design (MAD) will launch the 48-hour Film Challenge on

Wednesday, September 4th at noon. The Challenge culminates in a public screening

of all 40 student films produced this week at the Oshawa Cineplex Odeon on Saturday, September 7th at 9 am.

The crew

Four MAD programs will suspend classes (except for Communications and General Education classes) September 4th through 6th so that students can focus on filmmaking. Each team will have eight to ten members with a mix of students from the four participating programs. Over 375 students will participate in this year’s event under guidance from 30 staff (a mix of FT and PT faculty, staff and admin).

THE challenge

Each team will be assigned a genre and given a character type, a line of dialogue, and a prop that must appear in the film. Each film will have a unique set of variables. No two films will be the same.

Screening and jury process (all are welcome)

The screening takes place on Saturday, September 7th at 9:00 AM (doors open at 8:45 AM) at the Oshawa Cineplex Odeon Theatre at Taunton and Grandview (1351 Grandview Street North). A jury of professionals will judge the films and select the best films in each genre based on originality, creativity, use of challenge criteria and overall audience reaction.

Our 2019 jury panel will be listed shortly.


The films are due on Friday, September 6th at noon. Staff and faculty will stitch these films together and have them ready for screening on Saturday morning.



All elements of film creation must be done in the 48-hour period only, which includes but is not limited to: writing, rehearsing, costume/set design, shooting, editing, sound work. All footage must be shot within the 48-hour time period of the project (no stock footage or footage created at any other time is permitted). Only original music, creative commons music or music with documented permission can be used. Only films that abide by all the rules will be accepted for final screening.


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Every film festival or challenge deserves an award as a way of recognizing the talent and creativity that goes into filmmaking – the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has the Oscar, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has the Golden Globe, the Cannes Film Festival has the Palme d’Or, and our own MAD 48-Hour Film Challenge has The Deanie.


It’s not hard to imagine where the name for the award came from, as it has a direct association to Dean Greg Murphy, whose 3D image sits atop the award.


Since we are a Canadian based college, the name is also a word play on the well-known Genie Awards, handed out by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Each year, in addition to recognizing genre winners with a ‘swag bag’, the overall winning team has the names of its members engraved into a brass plate at the base of The Deanie Award. More so, an article is written by the Chronicle and the film is showcased on the MAD YouTube Channel. Local TV stations – upon request – may also look to air the top films of this challenge.


This year’s Deanie Award film recipient is titled, “Butterfly Man"; it can be viewed below, along with all the genre winners.


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Please save the date, Saturday September the 7th so you can join us as we celebrate the 2019 MAD 48-Hour Film Challenge - See you there!


Students arrive at the

Cineplex Odeon Cinemas


First series of Films start concurrently in 2 theatres and conclude at 10am


Concessions open


Second series of Films start concurrently in 2 theatres and conclude at 11:30am


Concessions close


Jury deliberation 


Award Ceremony


Conclusion of the MAD

48-Hour Film Challenge


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Please use the form below to email the MAD 48-Hour Film Challenge committee with any questions 

that you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.